User guide

Getting started

Create account

To create an account on eoSkills go to the homepage and move your mouse cursor over the Login link in the top navigation menu.


Click on “Create Account” link

create accountFill in your details and click “Create Account”

create account 2

You will receive an email with an activation link. Clik on the link.

email pending activation account activated successfullyA notification as shown above will confirm your account activation.

You can now log into eoSkills on


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In order to log in to eoSkills website, go to the homepage

Move the mouse cursor to My Profile and click on Login link as shown on the screenshot


login -2

Subsequently type in your username and password and click Log in button.

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Forgotten password

If you forgot your password, simply go to login page and click on Forgot Your Password link

forgotten password

enter your username and a captcha answer and request a secret key. This will be sent to your email address.

request a secret keyFollow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

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Access a course

You can access an eoSkills course either by obtaining a password from your Educational Institution or by purchashing access in our online shop.

To go to shop, click here.

To learn how to access courses using your Institution password, read on.

  1. To browse courses go to
  2. Find a course with your Institution name in the title and click “View in Shop” button

courses view course in shop

Enter the password you were given from your Educational Institution. Passwords are case sensitive.

password required

Click Add to Cart. Wait for the notification below to appear and click View Cart.

successfully added to cartProceed to checkout.

proceed to checkout place order Click place order.

order received after order receivedOnce notification “Order received” appears, you will be able to access your course in the My Courses tab.

The link to this page is available in the navigation menu under “My Profile” as well as in the right hand sidebar under Quick Links.

You will also receive an email with your order details.

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Access my active courses

My courses tab is available under My Profile in the main top navigation menu.

Active courses tab will display courses which you are enrolled in. Once you complete a course it will appear in Completed Courses tab.


my courses access lessonsTo acc

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Access lessons

To access lesson’s content, click My profile in the top navigation menu –> My courses –> course title in the Active Courses tab. You will be taken to the following page. lessons

Click on the lesson title to access lesson content.

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Complete a lesson

To complete a lesson:

  1. Watch the task video
  2. Familiarise yourself with the target times required for the levels of competency for that particular task
  3. Practise the task using your eoSim
  4. Record your best attempt
  5. Complete the lesson by completing the quiz


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Submit assessment

Once you are ready to submit evidence for your lesson assessment, click on “View Lesson Quiz button” at the bottom of Lesson page.

view lesson quizEach assessment has three components: two are compulsory and one is optional. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and type in the right details into each assessment box.

complete quizClick Complete Quiz to finish assessment.

quiz completed notificationWait for a notification to confirm that your quiz was submitted successfully for assessment.

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Reset assessment

Clicking “Reset the lesson” button on the lesson page or “Reset quiz” on quiz page will erase your submitted quiz answers and the quiz result so that it can be attempted again.

Resetting the quiz or the lesson will erase your grade and previously uploaded assessment answers, so use this function only if you would like to upload additional evidence of your task competence.

reset quiz

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Assessment Criteria

Each lesson has different assessment targets. These can be seen in the table below:

Lesson Criteria
Thread transfer
  • Basic: 1 minute
  • Advanced: 45 seconds
  • Elite: 25 seconds
Precision Cutting
  • Basic: 2 Minutes
  • Advanced: 1.30 minutes
  • Elite: 1 Minute
Paper clip untangle
  • Basic: 1.30 minutes
  • Advanced: 1.00 minutes
  • Elite: 35 seconds
Dice stacking
  • Basic: 1.30 minutes
  • Advanced: 1.00 minutes
  • Elite: 32 seconds
Tube ligation
  • Basic: 1min 55 seconds
  • Advanced: 1min 45 seconds
  • Elite: 1min 35 seconds
Glove tip peg capping
  • Basic: 2 minutes
  • Advanced: 1.40 minutes
  • Elite: 1.14 Minutes

This is also available as a PDF download

Assessment criteria PDF

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Course results

Once you complete a course, it will appear on the My Courses page under “Completed Courses” tab. Progress bar will reach 100% once all of the lessons for that course are graded.

view results

Click View results. A grade of 100% indicates that you passed all lessons in that course.

Course results

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Download certificate

Once you complete a course a certificate of completion is automatically issued.

This can be accessed from your My Courses page.

Click on the Course title in the “Completed courses” tab.

view course resultsYou will be redirected to the following page:

Course results and certificaeClick on “View Certificate” . A PDF certificate will open in a new tab. To save, cimply click on the save icon. Alternatively, right click and choose “Save as” from the menu.


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